I’m Lynn, The founder of  Love n Honey Candle Company. I started this company  because I was having the most arduous time finding candles that both smelled great, and didn’t emit toxic chemicals throughout my home while burning. Many of the larger brands were full of toxins and paraffins that I didn’t want to expose my family and pets to.


That's why in 2019  I set out to make a few candles for personal use. I didn’t expect to be good at candle making, however through trial and error I not only discovered how to make an amazing candle, I also found my passion. Along the way, I received a myriad of compliments from family and friends alike, who would rave about the quality of my handmade candles. To my astonishment the requests for candle orders began to pour in, literally (pun intended).


Here at Love n Honey Candle Co., we pride ourselves on delivering environmentally friendly,  plant based candles that smell like your favorite memory, and are the perfect accent to any decor. Each candle is hand poured and made with love, coconut wax, and a bit of beeswax, hence the honey. A bit of Love n Honey go into each candle, and as a result into each and every home our product is used in. We hope you find Love, Peace, and Tranquility with each and every burn!